The Transforms Team

Our Leadership Team

SF State Transforms is led by a faculty investigative team and staff from across the SF State campus. The leadership consists of a core management team, Internal Advisory Committee, Initiative Committees, and External and Internal Evaluators.

The ADVANCE Transforms Team is co-led by Dean Carmen Domingo, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, and Professor Laura Mamo, Health Equity Institute Professor of Public Health and Director of the Health Equity Institute. Key decisions are made in consultation with our full co-investigative team of faculty who plan, implement, and evaluate the transforms activities.

Dr. Laura Burrus
Professor, Biology Department
Dr. Petra Dekens
Professor and Chair of the Earth and Climate Science Department
Dr. Carmen Domingo
Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, Co-Principal Investigator
A black person with shoulder length curly hair, parted on the side, looks to her left and smiles. She is wearing big earrings and a red scarf against a black jacket and is seen from the shoulders up.
Professor of Anthropology
Dr. Nancy Gerber
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Transforms Emerita
Dr. Diane Harris
Assistant Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, Professor of Psychology
Dr. Colleen Hoff
Director of the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality, Transforms Emerita
Dr. Laura Mamo
Professor of Public Health, Co-Principal Investigator
Dr. Sally Pasion
Associate Professor of Biology

Project Lead

Ilse Gonzalez. email contact:

Internal Advisory Committee

Alvin Alvarez - Dean, College of Health & Social Sciences

Valerie Francisco-Menchavez - Assistant Dean for Restorative and Transformative Racial Justice

Nancy Gerber - Professor of Chemistry (Former Transforms Co-Lead)

Michael Goldman - Chair of the Academic Senate, Lecturer, Department of Communication

William Jerome Jacobs - Chair, Professional Development Council, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology Studies

Gretchen LeBuhn - Chair, University Research Council, Professor of Biology

Carleen Mandolfo - Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs & Professional Development

Sue Rosser - Provost Emerita, San Francisco State University

Michael Scott - Associate Vice President for Research

Amy Sueyoshi -  Provost, former Dean of Ethnic Studies

Graduate Students

Maia Rose Feinman- Welcher, Public Health MPH candidate (2023)

Bird Sellergren, Anthropology M.A. Candidate (2024)

Julia Luz Cover, Women & Gender Studies M.A. Candidate (2022)

Selina Flores, Public Health (2021, MPH 2022)

Dani Felise Tamse Coquia, Public Health (2021, MPH 2022)


David Rebanal - Internal Evaluator

Loretta Kelley - Independent External Evaluator