Science, Technology, and Society Hub

Our 2023-2024 STS Hub Fellows

Amy M. Skonieczny,  Professor of International Relations

Arezoo Islami, Assistant Professor and B.A. and Minor Advisor of Philosophy

Dawn-Elissa Fischer, Professor of Anthropology 

Archana Anand, Assistant Professor of Biology

Supriya Misra, Assistant Professor of Public Health 

Sepideh Modrek, Associate Professor of Economics

N. Rae Shaw, Assistant Professor of Cinema

Anusha Sundarrajan, Assistant Professor of Education

Sheldon Gen, Professor of Public Administration

Angela Elena Fillingim, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Rachel Flynn, Assistant Professor of Child & Adolescent Development 

Martha Louise Lincoln, Professor of Anthropology

Sonja MacKenzie, Associate Professor, Public Health, Santa Clara University

Claudia Wilopo, Visiting Scholar, Anthropology

Taku Chirenje, MSc Student, Biology

Liz Nevolo, MSc Student, SLHS 

Filipp Matveev, MA Student, Philosophy 

Theresa Willem, PhD Student, Technical University of Munich

Salah Hamdoun, PhD Student, Arizona State University 

Lee Worden, Specialist, Proctor Foundation, UCSF 



Led by Martha Kenney and Laura Mamo


A bright teal poster with illustrations of Ed Yong and Donna Haraway. They are surrounded by floating animals. The totle reads Into Unexpected Worlds, Friday May 10, 2023 4-6pm 315 Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley and on Zoom

The STS Hub Fellowship program was launched in 2019 on the heels of four successful years of building an STS Hub community. The STS hub allows faculty working at the intersection of science and social justice to join a community of engaged scholars for a year-long fellowship. Over the course of the year, STS Hub Fellows: 

  • Share scholarships 
  • Develop research projects 
  • Engage in new collaborations 
  • Mentor advanced graduate students 
  • Host events and speakers 
  • Participate in shaping the future of the STS Hub

The STS Hub model was co-developed by Martha Kenney in Women & Gender Studies, Laura Mamo in Public Health, and a former postdoctoral fellow at the Health Equity Institute Ugo Edu (UCLA). For one introduction to science, technology and society see Kleinman and Moore (2014).

STS Hub Leadership

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Laura Mamo, Health Equity Institute Professor of Public Health

A woman wearing wire frame glasses and long, dark blonde hair from the shoulders up. Her shirt is dark green.

Martha Kenney, Department Chair & Associate Professor of Women & Gender Studies

STS Hub Fellow Cohorts


Christoph Hanssmann (Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies, UC Davis)

Carrie Holschuh (Associate Professor of Nursing)

Julietta Hua (Professor of Women & Gender Studies)

Arezoo Islami (Assistant Professor of Philosophy and B.A. Minor Advisor)

Martha Lincoln (Associate Professor of Anthropology)

Blanca Missé (Associate Professor of French in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature)

Leslie Quintanilla (Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Advisor of Women & Gender Studies)

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Dawn-Elissa Fischer (Professor of Anthropology)

Julie Hua (Professor of Women & Gender Studies)

Angela Jones (Associate Professor of English Language and Literature)

David Peña-Guzman (Associate Professor of Humanities and Liberal Studies)

David Quintero (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering)

Meredith Reifschneider (Assistant Professor of Anthropology)

Iris Phillips (Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Industrial/Organizational Psychology)


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Soumyaa Behrens (Lecturer Faculty of School of Cinema)

Stephanie Claussen (Assistant Professor of Engineering)

Christoph Hanssmann (Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies, UC Davis)

Maryam Khan (Adjunct Faculty of Engineering, Skyline College)

Supriya Misra (Assistant Professor of Public Health)

Blanca Missé (Associate Professor of French in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature)

Meredith Reifschneider (Assistant Professor of Anthropology)

Aiko Yoshino (Associate Professor of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism)

Tara Gonsalves (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University)

Nina Fárová (Fulbright Visiting Scholar - Anthropology & Sociology)

Dana Ahern  (Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Queer & Transgender Studies, University of Nevada, Reno)

Michelle Tran (Lecturer in the Department of African American Studies, San Jose State University)

Julia Cover (M.A. Student Women & Gender Studies)

Michael Brown (M.A. Student Anthropology)

Iris Phillips (Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

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The STS Hub has received financial support from the College of Science and Engineering (CoSE), the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), the College of Liberal and Creative Arts (LCA), and especially the Health Equity Institute. It was seeded and remains administratively run out of the Health Equity Institute (HEI). 

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