Our Initiatives

A Digital banner with a dark purple background and bright blob shapes in the corners that fade from fuchsia to gold. There are yellow topographic lines as accents. A stylized graphic of a person encircled by arrows moving between a light bulb and a cog is turquoise on the left side. To the right, in yellow and white letters, read “Our Initiatives.”


TRANSFORMS offers three interrelated mechanisms, the initiatives of Values, Expands, and Restores, each designed to collectively move our campus deficits into areas of strength and alignment with SF State’s mission as an institution committed to equity and social justice. 

Our efforts are designed to focus on structural change and to institutionalize programs with administrative division support to support female faculty in STEM and faculty across all our colleges.

These efforts are driven by previous research demonstrating that workloads for faculty of color are heavy and often rendered invisible. While the service, leadership, and scholarship of women and BIPOC faculty are often under-valued in academic structures, they are highly valuable to students, communities, and knowledge-making. We aim to make visible, reward, and professionally advance these faculty efforts to cultivate inclusive, just, and equitable work environments.

Addressing Service Inequities


We are developing tools to guide departments and campus institutions to establish equitable faculty workloads that recognize, reward, and value all faculty.

Supporting Collaborative Scholarship


We are creating mechanisms to support faculty scholars and scholarship collaboration.

Preventing Inequities


We are creating institutional structures to respond to bias and related harms among faculty and staff.