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As TRANSFORMS implements our efforts at SF State, we will design and share effective strategies with the campus community.

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What is known about (In)Equity in Service?

The IT Catalyst Award led by PI Sue Rosser provides baseline data on campus inequities. We found that while all faculty contribute to institutional service, women and women of color faculty spend more time on service, constituting an institutional service inequity. The service activities contributed by women and faculty of color are often “hidden” activities: outside of formal measures and thus unrecognized and often unrewarded in institutional processes, including formal university retention, tenure, and promotion (RTP) processes.This finding is consistent with higher education in general and constitutes a needed change at SF State. 

A goal of Transforms is to help faculty, Chairs of departments, and campus leaders to address service service inequities. One way to start recognizing service is to start talking about it, to define it for our departments and professions, and to value its deep integration with scholarship and teaching. All too often we lack a basic framework to discuss what service is, who performs this form of scholarship, and how to recognize and reward all forms of service. 

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