Scholarship Hubs

What is a Scholarship Hub?

IT Catalyst meeting

A Scholarship Hub is a cohort model and mechanism to promote and support faculty scholars, to recognize intellectual contributions to research, service, and teaching, and to ensure faculty retention and advancement. The Scholarship Hubs provide structured meeting spaces for fellowship recipients to create collaborative mentorship, encourage idea exchange, and form research collaborations. Activities include collective writing, resource sharing, peer review, and defined sessions of engagement.

The ADVANCE Scholarship Hub builds on the model provided by the Science, Technology, and Society Scholarship Hub developed in 2015 at the Health Equity Institute by Professors Laura Mamo (PH), Martha Kenney (WGS), and Ugo Edu.

The ADVANCE Transforms scholarship hub is designed as a STEM faculty community of TT and lecturer faculty alike to support holistic scholarship, focusing on the ways institutional climates and work-load demands differentially and often inequitably impact faculty from "underrepresented" gender and racial groups, and to focus on providing space for engagement around these issues and support for faculty scholarship as we navigate a professional career in academia and at SF State. It is a supportive environment to learn, share ideas, and advance scholarship.

All faculty participants will be compensated $1,000 for annual participation in monthly required cohort events, and optional monthly professional leadership and engagement opportunities. 

2021-2022 - The theme for the ADVANCE Transforms Scholarship Hub is Equitable Collaboration in STEM. 

2022-2023 - The theme for the ADVANCE Transforms Scholarship Hub is Building Solidarity and Community. 

2023-2024 - The theme for the ADVANCE Transforms Scholarship Hub is Building New Relationships, Fostering a Community of Care.